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Try the Wenger Swiss Army Cigar Cutter today! If you aren't impressed, we offer 30 day unconditional returns (because we know you won't need them)! swiss - army - cigar - cutter -knife/q/loc/66357/203474727.html . Back to top. Top Searched Keywords

Cigar Cutter Swiss Army Knives Wenger Swiss Army . Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter with Scissors Swiss Army Knife by Wenger ยท Luxury Cigar Cutter Swiss Army

It's the perfect pocket companion for any golfer who also enjoys a good cigar . 19th Hole Cigar Cutter knives are standard sized Swiss Army knives (3 1/4"

Cigar Cutter Knife. Price USD: $85.00. Style Number: 54850. Size: 74 mm | 3 inch . Out Of Stock Shop Authorized E-Tailers. Victorinox Swiss Army

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