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11 Jul 2009 Recycle some jars into hanging candle lanterns . Culinary blog DigginFood manages to sneak some DIY projects into their feeds,

Diy : how to make and decorate a paper lantern If you use your lantern with a candle , remember that vellum is very flammable, and never leave a burning

Yesterday evening we drove across the lake for dinner with my Aunt Buffe and Uncle Ace at their house. When we arrived my aunt had the patio table all set,

8 Aug 2007 Here are two cool lighting ideas: Paper lantern columns from Martha Stewart. A wooden tea light holder (via Craft). DIY Alcohol Stove. Hybrid Sideburner Jet Alcohol Stoves Andy the Hobotraveler's Candle Lantern Making a Lantern for a Candle Photos

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