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Our new floating candles range includes the must have burgundy floating candles . These ones really stand out from the crowd and are available online today.

floating candles - candle water. Set of three candles . Available in your choice of: Burgundy , Ice Blue, Ivory, Lilac, Navy Blue, Periwinkle, Purple, Red,

Unscented heart, flowers and rose floating candles are available in our online ivory, creamy yellow, peach blush, pink pearl, red, lilac or burgundy

Wholesale Closeouts - 3 Merlot Burgundy Floating Candles . Wholesale Floating Candles - Buy Floating Candles in Bulk - Cheap Floating Candles

Floating Candles Burgundy 12 for $14.28. Floating Candles at Discount Prices Burgundy 3" Unscented Floating Candles 12 for $14.28 ($1.19 each)

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